Playworld Superheroes review – a pleasing touch-screen adventure

Playworld Superheroes

Playworld Superheroes combines touch-screen crafting and combat in an anglicised superhero adventure.

Set in a Liverpudlian treehouse, the game allows you to cut and colour a cardboard superhero outfit by simply touching the screen, transporting our young hero into a city full of enemies.

Tapping, swiping and dragging navigates the world and targets the stylised aliens, but the simple control system belies the substantial challenge of juggling offensive and defensive manoeuvres. Difficulty spikes now and again for what is a suggested nine- to-11-year-old audience, but management of tasks remains intuitive throughout.

Equally pleasingly, while tablet games with Playworld’s grand orchestral score and high-end visuals are usually accompanied by in-app purchases, Superheroes shuns the “free to play” approach with a single upfront cost of £2.99. Unsurprisingly, then, it is a game that will be as popular with young players as it is with parents.

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