Here’s a look at the single-player mode in Evolve

Evolve Screen 3

A new trailer for Evolve shows extensive footage of the game played offline

Following a recent tease to show offline play would be available in Turtle Rock’s upcoming monster vs hunters FPS Evolve, a new trailer has dropped going into more detail.

In the trailer (viewable below) you can see how matches are going to work in a game populated by one human player and AI bots. Showing off two “Defend” matches you can see both a person playing as the monster against AI hunters and one human joining forces with three AI teammates against a computer controlled monster. If playing solo as a hunter, players will be able to swap instantly between all four classes to help gain a strategic position against the monster you’re hunting down.

Meanwhile as the world prepares for Evolve’s release next month a new match-three Hunters Quest companion app has been released for the game, giving you a chance to gain Mastery Boosts in the main game.

Whether playing alone or online with others, you'll be able to get stuck into Evolve from the 10th February on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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