ArenaNet adamant Guild Wars 2’s level cap will never be raised

Guild Wars 2 April Feature Pack 1

Going against MMO traditions of new levels to grind and higher tiered gear with the introduction of a new expansions

Members from Guild Wars 2 developers, ArenaNet have been talking to Eurogamer about how the upcoming Heart of Thorns will be bucking the trend of bringing in higher levels and tiers with new expansions.

“I know when people announce a new MMO expansion pack, they talk about what’s the new tier we’re bringing into the game,” ArenaNet boss Mike O’Brien.. “That invalidates all the work that you put into your existing characters; that ramps up the power-curve leaving behind a wasteland of old content that’s no longer challenging enough and rewarding enough to be worth playing.

“The endless gear treadmill,” he added, “it is such a cheap solution to a problem.”

O’Brien went so far as to promise the Guild Wars 2 community that an extension to the level cap or addition of new items tiers will never be added to the game. ”I will commit to you that your max-level characters with your top-tier gear today are still going to be your max-level characters with your top-tier gear tomorrow,” he said.

Game director Colin Johanson later reaffirmed what O’Brien said. ”We will never add more levels to the game, we will never add more tiers of gear to the game,” he said. “The tiers and levels we have today will be the tiers and levels we have for the rest of the life of Guild Wars 2.”

Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2’s first expansion since the game launched in 2012, was officially announced recently. The expansion will contain a new Mastery system “that lets players unlock and explore new abilities for characters beyond level 80,” and a Specializations system “that grants access to traits, skills, and unique mechanics that transform a profession into something entirely new.”

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