Techland's Dying Light has Destiny loot cave easter egg

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A message reads, "your destiny is to build your legend (and get loot)."

Remember last year when Destiny's loot caves were all the rage? I remember going to them... a lot. Such an impact was made by the caves that developers Techland have included a reference to the main one in their new zombie survival game, Dying Light.

Some players have already found the reference to Bungie's FPS. Inside the cave there is what appears to be the remains of a campfire, and a message appears on screen saying, "your destiny is to build your legend (and get loot)."

Redditor ZachyWillz says that "infinitely spawning zombies come out from caves and after all are killed it says "Enough! Patch 1.0.2 has been released! Do more quests!""

The below video shows you how to find the loot cave easter egg. Skip to the 1:35 mark to actually see the cave, along with the message and zombie spawn.

Dying Light launched this week and is now available as a digital download in Europe, although the game's physical release was delayed until the end of next month.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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