Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in Q4, made $74.6 billion in 2014

iPhone 6

Despite the record phone sales, iPad sales are dropping.

The iPhone and iPad creators, Apple, have announced their earnings for the last quarter, revealing the company sold a record 74.5 million of its iPhones during the quarter. This has not only set a new record for iPhone sales, but also quarterly profit for the company too.

During the period ending 27th December Apple's net revenue was a massive $74.6 billion, an increase from 2013's $57.6 billion. The quarter four profit earned by the company also set a new record too, coming in at $18 billion, compared to 2013's Q4 profit of $13. billion.

The 2014 Q4 iPhone sales of 74.5 million were way above the previous year's 51 million. 5.5 million Macs were sold in the year compared to the previous year's 4.8 million. Sales of the iPad have dropped, however, from 26 million in 2013 to 21.4 million last year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously said that they are still unaware of what the iPad upgrade cycle is for customers. "What you do see is that people hold onto their iPad longer than they do a phone," said Cook. "Because we've only been in this business for four years, we don't know what the upgrade cycle will be for people."

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