New Pokken Tournament screens show Pokemon battles

Pokken Tournament Screen 1

The new screenshots show of battles with Pikachu, Machamp, Lucario and more.

New screenshots for the Pokemon fighting game from the Tekken creators and The Pokemon Company have been revealed, and they show off quite colourful battles, as you would expect.

Pokken Tournament is an upcoming fighting game which matches up Pokemon in battles within a fighting arena. The new screenshots show off a number of such battles between Pokemon poster boy/girl (which is it? Or are Pokemon asexual?) Pikachu and Suicune, Machamp and Gardevoir, and Lucario is in there too.

Some images of the aforementioned Pokemon are below, showing off their ability to strike poses. Make sure you click on the images to view much larger versions.

Japanese magazine Famitsu hosted a livestream recently, which showed off plenty of new footage for Pokken Tournament. It also had special guest and Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada, along with some announcements of characters in the game, and a reveal of the arcade machines.

Pokken Tournament is due to hit arcades in Japan some time this year, with no word on a console release yet.

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