New Hurk Deluxe Pack DLC now out for Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 Screen Elephants 1

Five new missions and five new weapons arrive for Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry title

New DLC has landed for Far Cry 4 with some bonus Hurk-orientated content to keep Kyrat fresh. Hurk, who first turned up in Far Cry 3’s Monkey Business DLC is back, this time to search out idols of an ancient monkey deity. According to King Min’s Kyrat he “should be considered armed and dangerously stupid."

To give a look at some of the new DLC Ubisoft has produced a walkthough video (shown below). The accompanying Youtube blurb reveals five new missions: Three Hurk's Redemption missions, where you save Hurk from imprisonment, another which has Ajay recovering a Blood Ruby from Pagan’s forces and last but not least, an intriguing one where Ajay has to protect a Yak farm.

The new weapons listed are ‘The Impaler”, a nasty looking harpoon gun, the Arena Machete, the Driller PKM gun, the Sandman 1911 Pistol and the Elephant Double-Barrel Rifle.

The Hurk Deluxe pack can be bought separately or as part of Far Cry 4’s season pass

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