Hellblade dev diary shows off gameplay and prototype footage

Hellblade dev diary 8 screen 1

The DmC and Heavenly Sword developers talk about how their new game is progressing.

A new developer diary for Hellblade has been released from developers Ninja Theory, and it talks about the prototyping phase of the creative process.

There is the odd snippet of gameplay footage here and there too, which gives us an early glimpse at how the game is coming along.

We hear from Hellblade's 'Chief Creative Ninja', Tameem Antoniades, as he explains how they are not really competing with the big triple-A games in terms of size, due to their small development team, instead they are attempting to make Hellblade unique, and different from other big budget experiences.

Take a look at the new dev diary below - you'll get a look at plenty of concept art and in-engine creations.

We've also put a combat review meeting video from last week for you below. It shows the developers talking about Hellblade's combat, ironically, and gives a glimpse at some early prototype footage too.

The developers face-off in a split-screen duel, testing out the current state of the combat mechanics in the game, talking of aspects they want to tweak or change. The video ends with a fight to the death... in the game, not a real one between the devs - they all seem to get along.

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