New Xbox One and Xbox 360 games this week

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The Xbox One and Xbox 360 receive two brand new IPs this week.

Last week's releases were dominated by re-makes and remasterings in the form of Saints Row IV and Resident Evil. But, there are a couple of new IPs set to release on Microsoft's consoles this week, so without further ado, let's take a look.

Techland's Dying Light will launch tomorrow on the Xbox One, however the physical version of the game won't be released until February in Europe and other eastern regions, following some issues. It was initially due to be released on the last-gen consoles too, but the developers cancelled those versions, saying "older consoles just couldn’t run the game."

The next new game is called Life is Strange from Dontnod Entertainment, the Remember Me devs, and it's an episodic adventure. The story revolves around teenager Max, as she discovers she has the power to rewind time.

Check out the new releases on Microsoft's consoles coming in the next few days below:

Xbox One

Dying Light - 27th Jan US. Digital versions only in Europe (Physical release due in February)

Life is Strange: Epsiode One - 30th Jan

Xbox 360

Life is Strange: Episode One - 30th Jan

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