Grim Fandango, Dying Light & Life Is Strange join PS4 this week

Grim Fandango

The new games coming to PS4 in the final week of January 2015 across North America and the UK

In the wake of Saints Row and a remaster of the classic Resident Evil making their way on to PS4 last week, there’s still more to come as we see out the first new month of 2015. Here’s what’s incoming.

Dying Light

Techland’s passion for zombie games moves from a dead island into a zombie-infested city, where you can go about your daily zombie survival tasks with a bit of freerunning and a day/night cycle that makes the infected hordes more blood-thirsty at might, to make things more interesting.


Grim Fandango Remastered

Tim Schafer’s classic graphical adventure is making an HD comeback and PS4 and Vita are so far looking like the only platforms outside of the PC realm to be getting it.


Life Is Strange (Episode 1)

While we’re n graphical adventures, the first part of Square Enix’s new episodic interactive drama series Life is Strange lands this week, as does a free trial for those looking to try it out. You can rewind time in this one, allowing you to affect the occurrences of the past and their outcomes in the present and the future.



Rain Games’ 2D action platforming journey into the Tesla Tower is coming to PSN in North America for PS4 and Vita this week, to coincide with the physical release of the game.


That’s what’s new this week for PS4, as ever leave us a comment to let you know what you think of the new games this week.

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