Check out John Romero playing the original Doom

Doom logo

Double Fine’s developers playing games video has the original creator of Doom going into the game’s level design.

Double Fine’s series based on the developer’s take on Let’s Play videos continues with a play through of the classic FPS Doom with the game’s co-creator, John Romero.

Romero is partnered up with “Doom history enthusiast.” JP LeBreton in this one. LeBreton is the creator of Spacebase DF-9, was lead designer on The Cave, oversaw the level design on Bioshock 2 and was a lead designer on the first Bioshock title. As the two revisit Doom they take you through the level designs employed in the original in a 10-part playthrough. We’ve embedded part one below.

Produced in partnership with 2 Player Productions, Double Fine’s, Devs Play series will next be bringing in Psychonauts’ members including Tim Schafer along with game speed runner Stephen Kiazyk.

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