Nigel Farage: UKIP will win more than three or four seats

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, UKIP’s leader said that he was confident his party would win a good number of seats in May.

After Andrew Marr suggested that UKIP’s realistic expectations in the general election would be quite low, Nigel Farage hit back. The UKIP leader said that the party are targeting seats where the they think they have the best hopes for electing UKIP MPs.

Nigel Farage said: “we are going to win a good number of seats on May the 7th.”

Marr then asked: “A good number is more than three or four?”

Farage then confirmed this by saying: “A good number is more than three or four.”

Mr Farage then went onto say he would not make any wild predictions.

In the rest of the interview, the UKIP leader also said that his party were taking votes from across the political spectrum, saying that in the Rochester by-election, where UKIP won its second MP, only one in three votes were taken from former Conservative voters. This was in an attempt to stop people thinking that his party are just full of ex-Conservatives.

Additionally, asked how UKIP would use its power if it ended up holding the balance of power in May, Nigel Farage said:

“It’s very unlikely to think of UKIP joining a coalition.”

He then said that no deal could be done with Ed Miliband whilst he does not want a referendum on EU membership. However, he said his party could “potentially do a deal” with the Conservatives if the “timing and the terms” of the referendum were right.

UKIP are performing well in the polls and won the European elections in the UK last year, but could they really gain enough MPs to hold the balance of power in Westminster?

Nigel Farage is being optimistic as it is extremely hard for smaller parties to break into Westminster under the UK’s electoral system, however, if targeting is successful and the cards fall into the all right places then UKIP could well gain more than just three or four seats.

To hold the balance of power would require UKIP succeeding in a vast number of different seats. May presents a massive challenge for UKIP, but if they campaign and target accurately then Nigel Farage and his purple army could make an impact in Westminster, and the country could just be faced with an EU referendum.


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