Watch the Dying Light devs play co-op

Dying Light Developer Co Op Demo 1

Dying Light's co-op mode is shown off in this short video from developers Techland.

Dying Light's physical disc release may have be delayed in the Europe at the east, but that won't stop those of you buying the digital edition when it's released on 27th January. And this new video from the developers shows off the kind of co-op fun you'll be having.

Dying Light allows players to jump in and out of co-op, supporting up to four players roaming the world at the same time.There are also co-op challenges to take on too.

The new video below shows four of Techland's developers in co-op, taking on challenges, cracking open police vans, and chasing down rare zombies. Make sure you set the video to 1080p60, if your connection allows.

Dying Light is due for release on 27th January in the US for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The digital version is still set for release in Europe on the 30th January.

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