The Vault Dweller vs Dovahkiin - who wins?

Fallout vs Skyrim Screen 1

This Fallout and Skyrim mash-up puts the two protagonists in a duel to the death.

Have you ever asked yourself the question - who would win in a fight between Fallout's Vault Dweller and Skyrim's Dovahkiin? No, neither have I, but thankfully someone has, and they made a video to show what could happen.

YouTube channel andrewmfilms has created this mash-up of the two games, with the protagonists fighting each other to the death.

The special effects are extremely impressive, and the attention to detail on the weapons, costumes, and abilities is rather high-end.

Vault Dweller is sent into Skyrim, presumably via his Pip-Boy 3000, somehow, and comes up against Mr. Dovahkiin. Thus ensues battle. Check it out below!

Thanks, Kotaku.

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