Elemental Evil will surface in Neverwinter this year

Neverwinter Dragon cover

The free to play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG to get new content that matches up with upcoming tabletop book.

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced that Elemental Evil, a sizeable new update for Neverwinter is due in early 2015.

The 6th module for the game, Elemental Evil will be adding a new player class, the Paladin, which as you can probably guess offers healing and tanking builds. The expansion will also increase the level-cap to 70 and adds new quests, feats and slottable class feature powers.

With the Neverwinter team and Wizard’s of the Coast seeking to maintain some synergy between the concurrent online and tabletop versions of D&D, Perfect World states that with the upcoming module, “Neverwinter players will journey through new adventures as they fight the newest threat to Protector’s Enclave – the Cults of Elemental Evil – which are also present in the upcoming tabletop adventure release, Princes of the Apocalypse.”

The Neverwinter publisher also promises that more modules are to follow Elemental Evil in 2015 that will bring player housing to the game with the addition of Strongholds as well as introducing well known characters from D&D lore.

Neverwinter is also on route to Xbox One this year with a closed beta on the console kicking off next month.

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