Classic sim Theme Hospital is now free on Origin

Theme Hospital Screen

Bullfrog's classic business sim can be downloaded for free in the latest 'On the House' promotion from EA.

Classic, hilarious simulation fun is to be had with Origin's latest free downloadable game - Theme Hospital.

This is all part of EA's "On the House" program, which offers up games for free every month or so to it's Origin users.

Origin is completely free to sign up for and use, it's basically EA's version of Steam (I assume you know what Steam is) and you just need to head over here to sign up.

Theme Hospital can be downloaded over here, just click the "Get it Now" button. Once claimed, the game is yours forever.

For those of you that don't know what Theme Hospital is, I've put a let's play video of the game below. You basically manage a hospital, arranging its layout, staff, organising patient cures for illnesses such as 'Bloaty Head', and so on.

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