Children of Morta is an indie pixel adventure we need to play

Children Of Morta Screen 5

A new roguelike adventure is looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

More Kickstarter goodness for you today, in the form of indie pixel-fest Children of Morta.

The game is being developed by Dead Mage, who currently have another game called Shadow Blade: Reload on Steam's Early Access program.

Children of Morta is a top-down roguelike which uses randomly-generated levels, and has different characters to play as. The game also uses randomly-generated story sections, so each time you play through it will never be the same.

Each of the game's characters is part of the Bergson family, and each have their own special abilities and attacks.

Over on the Kickstarter page the devs are asking for $65,000 to fund the project, and at the time of writing this they are currently on $18,723, with 29 days to go. We imagine it will at least hit it's minimum funding goal.

The game has an estimated October 2015, to be appear on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Have a look at the Kickstar launch trailer for the game below, it looks great.

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