Strafe's trailer harks back to the 90s and may even gross you out

Strafe Banned Commercial

Developers Pixel Titans go for the nostalgia angle in the pitch for Strafe's Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter campaigns can tend to have something innovative which the creators want to pitch to punters in order to receive some much-garnered crowd-sourced funding, that's a given. However, for first-person shooter Strafe, the thing that stands out first is its amazing trailer.

Playing to my nostalgic mind, the trailer has everything you could possibly want from a '90s PC game ad - over the top acting, not-so-subtle plugs for the game, and plenty of gore.

Check out the Strafe "banned commercial" below, but be warned, there is gore, so viewer discretion is advised.

Like the trailer? Well, you should definitely check out the game's website too, which also has a distinct '90s feel.

At least the devs guarantee that "with absolute certainty that North Korea will not prevent this release, no matter how extreme or legitimate their threats." Although the same can't be said for Glorious Leader!

Thanks, Polygon.

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