Player builds robot to grind Destiny for him

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Described as "the slowest, laziest way to level up to 20 without having to lift a finger."

If you are one of the many players still enjoying Destiny, you'll no doubt know that grinding in the game can be quite a laborious task. But, one player has built himself a robot to do it for him.

In a Reddit post from yavin427 he explains how once he began to level up a new character, after reaching level 32 with his main, he found the whole task "joyless". This prompted him to connect some servos to his controller which would tap the melee button repeatedly, attacking anything infront of his character.

Once the little robot was working its magic, he placed his character in the Ocean of Storms level on the Moon, where waves of Thralls spawn.

The enemies spawn, his bot punches away, he dies, respawns, and repeats.

Check out a video of the auto-punch action below.

Yavin427 also hooked his controller up to use his gun.

The latest update on his Reddit post says that his level 16.5 Titan reached level 20 overnight and had died approximately 900 times, also killing about 3600 enemies. There were about 50 green engrams waiting for him, and his Titan is now level 26 with all the new armour drops.

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