Can any of the parties tackle the UK's biggest issues?

Tuesday’s YouGov for the Sun poll gives an indication as to how people think the main parties would tackle the country’s biggest problems.

The poll, which puts the Conservatives and Labour neck and neck on 32% each, was conducted between the 18th and 19th January with 1747 GB adults.

The poll also puts UKIP third with 15% and gives the Lib Dems 8% and the Greens 7%.

The issues asked in the poll are issues that could determine the next election.

Problems voters think the Conservatives would handle best:

On the issue of asylum and immigration, the poll suggests that 23% think the Tories can handle it best, compared to the 15% for Labour. 6% said the Lib Dems. 24% said other - with presumably some meaning UKIP. 14% said none and 17% said they did not know.

The Conservatives also have a massive lead when it comes to the economy in general. 37% said they think the Conservatives will handle it best, whilst just 20% said Labour. The gap is slightly wider than when the last time the question was asked in early January. 5% said the Lib Dems, whilst 8% said other, 10% said none and 20% said they did not know.

They also lead over Labour on the issues of Law and Order (34%-20%), taxation (32%-24%) and Europe although only marginally (20%-19%).

Problems voters think Labour would handle best:

Labour leads on the issue of the NHS, 35%-22%. 5% said Lib Dems, 13% said none and 18% said they did not know.

As for housing the party leads 28%-20%. Additionally, Labour has a marginal lead when it comes to education and schools (28%-25%).

Labour only leads on the three issues mentioned, whilst the Conservatives lead on the five issues stated above. The other two issues, welfare benefits and unemployment both produced ties. For each of the two issues 28% said Labour would handle it best, as did 28% for the Conservatives.


Overall, what’s not striking is the results for Labour and the Conservatives. In many cases they are pretty predictable. The Conservatives are generally seen as being more trusted on the economy in general, which explains their big lead. Labour are predictably more trusted on issues like the NHS and Housing.

What is striking, however, is not which parties are seen to be able to handle certain problems best, instead the fact that so many people are responding with ‘none’ or ‘don’t know’, shows a continuing dissatisfaction with politics in this country.

In every question 18%-23% of respondents answered with ‘don’t know’, whilst 10%-14% said ‘none’.

Members in both the Conservatives and Labour will look at the poll in the same way: their respective parties are doing well in a different areas, but the high proportions of ‘don’t know’s and ‘none’s will be ignored. There is a significant proportion of voters that really think that neither Labour nor the Conservatives - or the other parties - have an answer to some of the biggest issues facing the country.

The likes of UKIP, the Greens and the SNP offer growing alternatives, but there’s still a huge chunk of society feeling left out and feeling that none of the parties, whether on the left or the right, can handle the problems facing the United Kingdom today

The full results of the poll can be found here.


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