This is how long it will take you to finish all your Steam games

Adam Steam Left game time 2

A new website gathers up the amount of time left to finish all your Steam games.

Do you want to know how long it will take you to finish all the games in your Steam games library? You do? OK, check out this website. just asks you to enter your Steam ID URL, or simply sign in using Steam, and it does the rest for you. Your Steam profile must be set to public view for this to work however.

The website looks at your Steam games library and then tells you how much time it will take you to finish all your games. It also gives you examples of other activities you could do which would take the same amount of time.

Take a look at my ridiculous amount of play time left below. Apparently I could watch every episode of South Park 38 times instead of finishing all my games.

Adam Steam Left time

I must be honest, if I didn't play Dota 2 as much as I do, the time I have left to finish the games in my Steam library would probably be under half the time shown to me.

I blame Steam Sales and Humble Bundles for making me impulse buy games, and then leaving them to gather digital dust on my imaginary Steam games shelf.

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