Sunday Screenshots: Prison Architect

Prison Architect Cheat Prison (4)

Adam puts his prison management skills to the test, and shares the fruits of his labour in screenshot form.

If you're unfamiliar with Prison Architect, I wrote up a small description in my Weekend Playlist piece earlier today. But, the screenshots and my ramblings below should give you the gist of they game, as they kind of carry on from my initial article.

Below I've put a few screenshots of the first stages for one of the prisons I built. You can see I have a basic holding cell for incoming prisoners, a few guards to watch over them, and their other basic needs are covered by having showers and a canteen.

I chose a small map to begin with

You can lay out plans before you commit to building

Once the foundations are in I designate each room

Power and water need to be distributed

And here is your basic holding prison

Once you have the basics up and running it's time to expand. The game gives you grants for specific facilities your prison should have, and you can choose which grants you want next. For example, choosing a one grant may ask you to build a new cell block to house more inmates, whilst another grant may want you to build a better security infrastructure.

You can create individual cells, and a yard outside for recreational time, along with some bureaucratic spaces for your staff to manage the inner-workings of your prison. And as you get deeper into the game there are all kinds of routines for you to tinker with, from the prisoners' free time, meal times, and work times, to your guard patrols and postings.

The prisoners you're housing each have their own names and bios too, along with details on the crimes they have committed and how long they are scheduled to stay in prison for.

The odd riot here and there isn't unheard of, at least in my prisons anyway, as the inmates' needs are difficult to meet sometimes, making the loose cannons in your prison kick off from time to time. If things get too heated you can always call in the riot police, but that doesn't make folks very happy.

My prison below is something I built using a money cheat. Yes, I know, you shouldn't cheat, but I wanted to show you an example of what you could build, without the restrictions of money and trying to juggle everything at once. Although the prison was far from perfect, I think the lay out was the best I have built so far.

Infinite cash: I could plan out something bigger

I tried to make it as secure as possible

Inmates' family needs are covered through visitation

CCTV and plenty of guards

Despite all the security, I couldn't stop this riot happening

A new arrival

Assigning guards to patrol routes

Not perfect, but it's a start

If I have intrigued you enough to find out more about Prison Architect you can head on over to the Steam page here. But remember, the game is still in its alpha stage, so if you want a finished game this won't be for you. However, I've been having a blast with it, and I haven't really come across many bugs, so it's still very much in a playable stage right now.

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