Resident Evil, Saints Row IV & more come to PS4 this week

Resident Evil remastered PC Screen 2

What’s new on PS4 across America and Europe in the week commencing 19th January

Looking for new PS4 games this week? Here’s what’s coming out.

Citizens of Earth

Take the role of the elected Vice President of the world in this comedic RPG with a retro look.


Ironclad Tactics

Ironclad Tactics is a card/strategy game set in a steampunk-themed alternative American Civil War.


Motorcycle Club

Already out in the UK, Motorcycle Club gives you faithful reproductions of real world bikes to race in tournaments and take to the track to complete challenges.


Resident Evil

The seminal survival horror is back, with an HD makeover for the latest generation. A title that’s both for those that wish to relive the original and those that prefer survival horrors that limit your resources.


Saints Row IV: Re-Elected / Gat out of Hell

Saints Row IV arrives on PS4 this week along with the Gat out of Hell expansion, which you can get separately. You can check out the Gat out Hell launch trailer below.



Splice is an intriguing puzzler that has you rearranging cellular strands, that comes to PS4 after some favourable reviews for its iOS and Android versions. Below is the teaser.

What do you think of the new games coming to PS4 this week? Leave a comment if any or none of the above are joining your game collection. 

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