Pneuma: Breath of Life brings some captivating puzzling to Xbox One

Pneuma: Breath of Life

Check out the gameplay trailer for Pneuma: Breath of Life, a game with the tagline: “Explore the fundamental nature of being through the eyes of a god.”

Pneuma: Breath of Life will be coming as a timed Xbox One exclusive on 27th February. The work of Derby-based indie Deco Digital, the game is a first person puzzler that has you exploring some crisp and graphically impressive environments, as the trailer below testifies. For those that like some proper mind-bending brainteasers from their puzzle games (with or without the shine of new gen graphics) then Pneuma is also well worth a look.

As the grand claims of the trailer’s video description state. “Pneuma: Breath of Life provides players with an unrivalled sense of awe and a relentless determination to solve every puzzle and progress through a narrated story of self-discovery, exploring the fundamental nature of being. This is a difficult puzzler designed to force players to think outside the box and explore beyond what they know as reality through the eyes of a god/”

Pretty high-concept stuff.

Pneuma is also up on Steam Greenlight for PC where full Oculus Rift support is promised.

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