Cities XXL looks at "Life in the City" along with pre-order details

Cities XXL screen 2

If you already own Cities XL you will get a big discount on the new game due out at the end of January.

SimCity alternative, Cities XXL, has released a new trailer for the upcoming city builder, and it takes a close look at "Life in the City".

In the first trailer for Focus Home Interactive's new game we saw last month it mostly showed an overview of how big cities could get in the game. In the latest trailer it zooms in closer to take a look at the citizens that will be living in your cities.

A pre-order incentive has also been announced, which will give folks who already own Cities XL 50% off Cities XXL, and brand new players will get 20% off. This promotion runs from now until the game's release on 29th January.

Head on over to the Steam pre-order page if you want to find out more. And here is the new trailer below.

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