Weekend Playlist: Incarceration Inc.

Prison Architect official screen 1

Adam has been trying to reform the world's worst prisoners in Prison Architect this week.

With a sudden urge to play some kind of strategy game, akin to SimCity, or maybe even Theme Hospital (now, that is a classic), I scoured through my Steam games library for something, anything, that could satisfy my urge. That's when I spotted Prison Architect.

I have played Prison Architect before, only briefly after I picked it up in a Steam sale last year. It's fun, but tough to master, and there are still bugs and issues that are yet to be resolved - it's still in alpha through Steam Early Access, so issues are to be expected.

Prison Architect is a game from Introversion Software, the creators of Uplink and Darwinia. They're a small indie studio that prides itself on staying that way.

Prison Architect itself is a game where you manage a prison. You manage it's design, staff, prisoners, and everything in between.

You start off with a plot of land, some workers to help construct the beginnings of your prison, and some resources. With 24 hours of game time before your first prisoners arrive, you have to construct the basics in order to house them and decrease the risk that they will try to escape.

I've been playing Prison Architect over the last few days, and I am getting better at it, but it can sometimes feel like spinning plates, although with strategy games that's half the fun of it I suppose. My mission to create the perfect prison is slowly progressing, and I'll show you my attempts in our Sunday Screenshots feature later.

Take a look at the alpha trailer below, but bear in mind it's from two years ago, so the game looks a little different now and some of the issues have actually been sorted out.

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