Mobile gaming round-up: the best new releases

Starting with a monstrous egg that must be attacked by tapping it, players earn points to hire a caveman with a club to give them a hand.

The Monolith
Android & Ios, free

His efforts help you save up for another, until you’re eventually fighting the hatched beast with nuclear missiles. Weirdly addictive incremental gaming.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War
Android & iOS, free

Although the shooting mechanics of Brothers In Arms 3 are solid enough, every other aspect of the game is focused on fleecing you. Grenades, weapons, upgrades, medical kits and extra missions all cost real money, the game itself reduced to the role of tawdry sales executive.

Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores
Android & iOS, £1.49

Monument Valley was like exploring a series of interactive MC Escher drawings, the game’s impossible architecture continually toying with perspective. The sequel builds on its invention, adding new tricks and a fresh arc to its subtle, minimal story. A thing of beauty.

Kingdom Rush Origins
Android, iOS, £2.29

Near-perfectly engineered tower defence that despite its balance and refinement suffers from the same problem as its predecessors – namely that a single mistake at the end of a 20-minute level can force you to restart the whole thing.

The Silent Age Episode 2
Android & iOS, £3.99

The polished, finely observed point-and-click time-travel adventure gets a satisfying concluding episode, in which your hero makes his way between past and catastrophic future in an attempt to prevent a global cataclysm.

Run Sackboy! Run!
Android & iOS, free

Plonking the hero of PlayStation’s splendid LittleBigPlanet series into an infinite running game, this does more than most to add variety and a sense of progression to the usual obstacle-hopping in-app purchase.

Sleep Attack TD
Android & iOS, £2.29

Defend a napping monster from waves of antagonists by building defensive turrets, as well as rotating parts of each level to re-route attackers along your best defended paths. A neat innovation and a well-engineered take on the genre.

Earn to Die 2
iOS, £1.49

Driving your upgradeable vehicle through hordes of zombies towards distant petrol stations entails little more than mindlessly holding your thumb on the accelerate button, repeating sections ad nauseam to afford puny upgrades.

Sarah & Duck – Day at the Park
iOS, £2.99

CBeebies stalwarts get the interactive treatment in this gentle fun for little ones, including building kites, populating your own park and helping Sarah search for her duck.

Clear Vision 3
Android & iOS, free

The lightly satirical shooting game gets touched by the cold, dead hand of freemium, the price tag of previous episodes replaced with a system designed to force you into ponying up for microtransactions.

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