Google discontinue sale of Glas on consumer market

Google Glass Cover 2

Google’s snooper specs seen as invasive and uncool by the public, target market shifts to businesses.

Google are to discontinue the current version of Glass and the product will cease to be available to consumers through the Glass Explorer program as of 19th January. after less than a year on sale.

After receiving negative responses to its smart glasses, which include bans in some public places, Google are Instead focusing on the business sector. Indeed the potential of Glass as a work tool far outweighs its ability to suck you away from the rest of the world and make people suspicious of you in restaurants

To this end developers and business will still be able to purchase Google Glass after the 19th.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google will move Glass out of its Google X research wing and into a separate unit that will report to Nest's Tony Fadell. A new version of Glass will also still be coming in 2015.

It’s unclear at present as to whether Google will attempt to reintroduce its new Glass model to the public, although the company has previously partnered up with Ray-Ban and Oakley holding company, Luxottica to bring a less conspicuous, more consumer friendly version.


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