Amplitude’s PlayStation comeback delayed


Harmonix’s crowdsourced Amplitude remake gets set back while the devs get to grips with building games for PS4

After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, that saw Harmonix generate $844,127 in crowdfunding (the initial target being $775,000) to bring back the classic PlayStation 2 music game, Amplitude, the developer had scheduled to have the reboot ready by March this year.

Harmonix have taken to Kickstarter this week however to inform backers and expectant Amplitude fans that the game will be a few months late while the team familiarise themselves with developing for PS4.

“This is our first time working on PlayStation 4, and it’s been a big learning experience for the team,” reads an update on the Amplitude Kickstarter page. “We’ve put a lot of work into our proprietary engine to support some of the new, awesome content we’re bringing to the reboot. These factors combined have bumped production out a few additional months.”

As a result of Amplitude's extra time in development,  the game will come with “a far more polished multiplayer mode,” which players will be able to sample at PAX East in Match. 

“With Amplitude and our promise of open development, you’ve given us the opportunity to create the game we want to make and, more importantly, make the game that you want. In order to meet that goal, we don’t want to cut any corners, and we want to stay true to our vision and deliver the best Amplitude experience possible,” the developer added.

No forward date has been given as yet for the return of Amplitude on PS3 and PS4, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more.

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