18-year-old arrested in connection with DDoS attacks on PSN and Xbox Live

UK and US authorities working in conjunction to bring Christmas gaming spoilers to justice.

An 18-year-old man from Southport, UK has been arrested in connection with the DDoS attacks that brought Xbox Live and PSN to a standstill over the Christmas holidays.

The arrest comes as a result of an ongoing investigation into the attacks that has UK cyber crime authorities teaming up with the FBI.

The man, who has had numerous “electronic and digital devices” confiscated from his home to be examined by a cyber-forensics unit, has also been charged on suspicion of “swatting”, an offence in which fake calls are made to the police.

For many, the DDoS attacks on console networks over Christmas rendered games requiring online connectivity unplayable.

A group of hackers known as Lizard Squad are thought to be connected with the Christmas DDoS attacks, although this has yet to be proven. Earlier this month another Lizard Squad member was arrested, but reportedly not in connection with the attacks.

“We are still at the early stages of the investigation and there is still much work to be done. We will continue to work closely with the FBI to identify those who commit offenses and hold them to account,” said UK’s South East Regional Organized Crime Unit’s head Craig Jones in a statement.

“Cyber crime is an issue which has no boundaries and affects people on a local, regional and global level. I would like to urge everyone to check their home and business computer security and follow the advice available on sites such as cyberstreetwise.com and getsafeonline.org.” he added.

Man 'linked to Lizard Squad hack' arrested over 2013-14 cyber-fraud

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