Civilization: Beyond Earth and Saints Row IV are free to play on Steam

Civilization: Beyond Earth intro screen 1

Up until this Sunday you can get a free go on the above and a discount if you decide to carry on and buy them.

Steam is offering up a couple of free trials on games this weekend to allow uninitiated but interested PC gamers a chance to sample them.

The latest Civilization title, Beyond Earth and Saints Row IV are now both free to pay on limited trials up until Sunday 18th January at 1pm PST (that’s 9pm in the UK).

Furthermore, should you enjoy the trials enough to consider buying the games both are available at heavily discounted prices until 10am Pacific time (5pm in the UK) on Monday.

Beyond Earth can be bought at a 40 per cent discount for £17.99 and Saints Row IV at 75 per cent off for just £4.24.

Drop us a comment if you check out the games to let us know what you think.

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