5 things to do if you get a bad bonus number

Bad Bonus Pool

It won't be long now, and as usual, many staff will be more concerned about what their peers got (or what their peers think they got) than their own award.

So, we've come up with a few suggestions about what to do if you get advised of a bad payout this year end:

1. Stride into the meeting with confidence and come out looking smug - even if your bonus award is, in reality, a disaster.

2. Leave the meeting with a broad smile, remembering to say 'Thanks boss' loudly enough so all your peers can hear.

3. Invite all your colleagues out for a night on the town. Even if you have already spent your wad (the one you are now not actually going to get) - it's better to blag than lose face.

4. Buy a new car (better still, buy your girlfriend or wife a new car) or move into a bigger house - that will really convince your colleagues that you were well looked after.

5. But do remember to grieve. It's very important to come to terms with your loss (of cash and status). Tears on the telephone or puking in the loo should, however, wait until after you get home.


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