The Evolve Xbox One open beta is happening now

Evolve Wraith Image (10)

Xbox One owners can take part in the open beta with access to 12 maps, 2 monsters, and 8 hunters.

If you own an Xbox One, and have an Xbox Live Gold Membership, you are eligible to take part in the open beta for Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve which began today and runs through to 19th January.

Just head over to the Xbox Games Store where you should see the Evolve Open Beta listed for download.

This time around the beta will allow players to use the Goliath and Kraken monsters, as well as the first eight hunters in the game across all 12 maps that support the 'Hunt' mode.

Any unlocks you gain whilst taking part will carry over to the full game when it launches on 10th February too.

If you have pre-purchased the game you will also be able to get early access to a third set of hunters, along with the recently-revealed Wraith monster.

The 'Evacuation' campaign mode will be opened up for players to try out on 17th January at noon PST for the first time. Evaucation is described as "a dynamic campaign combining modes, maps, and victory effects that provides over 800,000 paths to glory. It gives you a ridiculous amount of variety and a different experience almost every time you play."

Additionally on 17th January the devs ask that as many people as possible are playing the game at 2pm PST, as they want to stress test the servers before release.

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