Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been delayed

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Capcom's episodic addition to the Resident Evil franchise sees a slight delay.

I have good news and bads news about Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Firstly the bad news; it has been delayed. Secondly the good news; it has only been delayed by a week.

Yes, Capcom have revealed that they are delaying the game "in an effort to fine-tune the final product." And because the game is episodic it means that each of the episode's release dates have been shifted back a little too - check the new dates out below.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 delayed release dates

To tide you over whilst you wait for the first episode, Capcom have released a short new clip showcasing the 'Sploder' enemy.

Delays for games have not been unusual lately, but you only need to wait an extra week, which is nothing when compared to other games that have been delayed by months.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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