Battlefield Hardline's next beta is open to all

Battlefield Hardline Downtown Loading004

All PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC owners will be able to participate in the next beta.

The beta for EA and Visceral's Battlefield Hardline will be open to everyone, across all formats, as revealed in the latest blog post by executive producer of the game Steve Papoutsis.

This means that if you own one of the systems the game is being released on (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC) you will get the chance to try the game out before it is released. And as this is an open beta, it means that there is no waiting around for beta keys - you will be able to download the beta build and get straight to it.

The beta will have two maps and modes for players to try out. First up is Hotwire, the new Battlefield mode revealed last year which sees players chasing eachother in vehicles, cops and robbers style. And the second mode is a Battlefield favourite - Conquest - with 64 players on the same map fighting to control specific objectives.

There is no word on when the beta kicks off, but seeing as the game is due for release on 17th March in the US, and 19th March in the UK, we don't think it will be too far off.

The blog post also said that there is no limit on progression in the beta, so you can level up as much as you like, and unlock everything if you so wish.

There are some screenshots of the maps available in the beta below, called Downtown and Dust Bowl.

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