9 reasons why I won't get a bonus

I'm With Stupid

Here's 9 reasons why I won't get a bonus for my efforts at the firm last year.

1. I don't work in front office

2. I work hard without making a fuss

3. I have never told my immediate boss that he's a great leader and mentor to me (he isn't)

4. I don't hang around the office late at night making like I'm busy (unless I really am)

5. I have never stabbed a colleague in the back by running to senior colleagues and pointing out their mistakes (in fact, I'm usually the person who quietly clears up the mess)

6. I don't do office politics and avoid after-work office drinks like the plague

7. I am easily replaceable (at least in terms of a bum on a seat)

8. My firm is owned by the UK taxpayer

9. I am stupid 

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