The Xbox One February update preview has landed

Xbox One February update preview screen 1

New features include tile transparency, a Game Hub, and new TV functions.

Now we are into the new year the monthly Xbox One updates are being resumed, and first up it is the February update.

New features in the next update include tile transparency, which lets you view more of the custom backgrounds you set, and also Game Hubs.

Game Hubs are new sections which bring together all the progress and stats of the games you have played. Such stats include time played, your progress percentage, friends who play that game, and more.

Other updates include those for the TV function, for users that have their Xbox One hooked up to cable TV or use the TV Tuner. A new tab will display which popular shows are now "trending". And the ability to stream TV to Windows Phone and Android devices is included too.

Those who are in the dashboard beta on Xbox One will have the features right now, but for everyone else they will be available next month.

Take a look at the preview video below to see the new features in action.

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