New weapon for PS4 exclusive Bloodborne leaked online

Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons Screen (1)

Shots from the Japanese Bloodborne artbook reveal a hefty greatsword will be available to those who combat the tormentors of Yharnam.

A new weapon to join the arsenal in From Software’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has been spotted online.

The reveal comes from a post on the website Dengeki Online, where samples from the artbook coming with the Japanese limited edition of the game have been shown. Entitled “Kyokai no Daiken,” in Japanese the name translates as “Greatsword of the Church”, you can see it in the right of the picture below.

Bloodborne Artbook Still

As Dualshockers have pointed out the illustration seems to indicate that the greatsword is also linked the heavy-duty “Kirkhammer” as it is pictured next to a thinner sword that forms the hilt of the unwieldy looking blunt weapon, although there is a difference in the swords’ cross guards. The Greatsword of the Church is also shown as two variants, one of which is wrapped in bandages, whether this signifies differing gameplay mechanics with the weapon is yet to be seen.

If you’re curious to see for yourself, there’s not much longer to wait for Bloodborne. The game is currently due to launch on PS4 on 24th Match in North America, 25th March In Europe and 27th March in the UK.

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