Ed Miliband: UK exit from EU ‘would hinder fight against terrorism’

Ed Miliband has warned that a British exit from the European Union would weaken cross-border cooperation and so hinder the fight against terrorism.

The Labour leader, who travelled to Paris on Sunday to join the march for liberty, made his remarks at a People’s Question Time in Stevenage.

Miliband is holding one-hour question-and-answer sessions as part of a drive to engage with normal people in the election campaign, including swing voters. He said his whole campaign was based on the country’s best traditions, putting working people first by rewarding harder work.

When asked about the implications of the UK leaving the EU, he said: “I have a very clear view. I want to stay in the European Union. The idea that we would leave the EU when jobs depend on it, when families depend on it, when businesses depend on it … This won’t be popular with everybody, but just think about countering terrorism. We are much better working across borders to do that.”

Miliband’s remarks may prove controversial in the current context, but his spokesman said it was fair to say that politicians who advocated leaving the EU put the country at greater risk from terrorism.

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