Blizzard may have to find a new name for Overwatch

Overwatch cinematic trailer screen 1

A trademark for the title was filed prior to Blizzard’s Overwatch reveal at last year’s BlizzCon

Users on NeoGAF have spotted that Blizzard Entertainment’s trademark for Overwatch has been suspended while US Patent and Trademark Office deals with a previously registered trademark for the same name.

The potentially word-storming, team-based first-person shooter Overwatch was initially unveiled during BlizzCon in November. The game has emerged from the remnants of the now abandoned WoW successor, Project Titan, from which it is rumoured that Overwatch originally existed as a minigame within the project that grew to become a game in its own right as the developer struggled to get the rest of Titan running to Blizzard’s exacting standards.

it transpires however that the Overwatch brand name has already been earmarked by Innovis Labs, a four man dev team working on a mobile app that brings first-person shooter-style tactical information to airsoft and paintball matches.

Now it’s left for Blizzard and Innovis to battle over the name. We expect a company of Blizzard’s stature and financial clout could well have the upper hand, and Innovis may well do very well out of it as a result.

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