Minecraft hits 1 million concurrent players

Minecraft Review

The developers can now see how many players are in the block-filled world at any time.

The ever-popular open sandbox game, Minecraft, reportedly has around 1 million concurrent players, according to tweets from developer Mojang's Nathan Adams.

The news comes following Mojang's new access to see how many players are playing Minecraft at any one time.

Adams said that on 9th January at 2:19pm there were 998,000 people playing Minecraft - and that it wasn't even peak time.

It's easy to say, then, that Minecraft would definitely be hitting numbers above the 1 million mark at peak hours, especially considering that the game is pretty much available on everything, probably even potatoes.

Adams went on to say that despite many claiming Minecraft is mainly played in multiplayer mode, almost "50% of players" are in single player at any moment.

Thanks, VG247.

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