Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker screen 1

Inspired by Captain Toad’s appearances in Super Mario 3D World, Treasure Tracker’s puzzles get you to guide Toad in his quest for coins, diamonds and each level’s gold star.

Every one of its puzzles is a miniature world that you can rotate to look at from every angle, and you can also move certain sections of landscape on the touch screen by tapping them, adding an extra layer of complexity to your treasure hunting. Toad still can’t jump, so your progress is a lot steadier than when playing as Mario – although he can hurl turnips at enemies if they prove tricky to avoid. Along with three gems, every puzzle has its own hidden objective, each as thoughtful and carefully chosen as the pared-down parts of its elegantly designed levels. Endlessly refined, its refusal to reuse ideas makes each level into a surprising and compelling discovery. The sort of joyously realised little gem for which Nintendo is justly famous.


The Adventures Of Bertram Fiddle, iOS

The streets of Victorian London are being stalked by fiendish serial killer, Geoff the Murderer, and even the great Sherlock Holmes hasn’t managed to come up with any leads. Enter Bertram Fiddle, a third-rate explorer in desperate need of a new expedition to mollify the nagging of his embittered wife, who wants him to settle down and earn a steady income at Mr Dulsworth’s Adequate Soap Company – a fate Bertram is keen to avoid. What ensues is a delightful point and click adventure suffused with dad-grade puns and characters with names such as Count Fulchmuckle and Lord Arthwipe. Although not particularly complex and offering little in the way of innovation, its gentle, self-referential humour and high production values make it a pleasure to explore, the cavalcade of gags propelling you through weaker moments.

Rumpus Animation, £2.99

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