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Adam gets stuck into some Dota 2 this weekend, in an attempt to progress with the All-Hero Challenge.

We're taking a different approach with our Weekend Playlist feature this week - instead of grouping up what games our writers are playing into one article, we have decided to split them into individual ones. This will allow for more flexibility on content, and we can also gush more than usual about whatever games we've been enjoying.

Last weekend I was taking my first steps into the world of Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4. I've continued to play the game most nights this past week, and I'm remembering why I have enjoyed previous Battlefield games so much. There is a great sense of achievement when you stay alive for a prolonged period of time, helping to spot enemies, capturing objectives, and of course picking enemies off too.

Anyway, that was last week, let's take a look at what I'm playing this weekend. It's a go-to staple game of mine - Dota 2. If you're unfamiliar with the game you should take a look at a write up I did last year - it's about 'Why you should never play' the game, but there is a link to an overview video and I talk about my initial experiences.

At any given time you will find me playing Dota 2. When I don't feel like playing anything else, or I just have an hour free, I will fire the game up and jump into a match. However, this weekend I want to make some steady progress on the All-Hero Challenge.

The Dota 2 All-Hero Challenge was something initially made up by the community, but has since been officially implemented into the game as a feature, along with stat tracking and a reward once you complete it. You basically  win a match with every hero in the game, and there are  over 100 of them right now, hence the 'challenge'. Oh yeah, and the fact each hero has their own set of skills and play style makes it much more testing.

You are randomly assigned a new hero to win a match with, and once you win with that hero you are assigned another, and so on. It's OK when I get a hero I'm quite experienced with, but it's another story when I'm given heroes I have only played once or twice - I let out a sigh if I get one of those, as I know if I'm playing in a pub match the chances of abuse are optimum, but the mute button is a godsend.

One recent example I can give of a hero that gave me a lot of grief is Alchemist. He can be played as a late game carry - meaning he isn't too much use in the early stages of a match, but with enough gold and experienced gathered, by the late game he is a force to be reckoned with. However, that usually depends on how well your team works together, and how much support you get from team mates. 12 matches later and I finally got a win with Alchemist. 12 matches, seriously, that's awful. I have been averaging about 2 matches per hero to get a win and progress, but Alchemist was a thorn in my side for too long, and I'm just glad it's over.

Well, enough ramblings from me, I'm off to win a match as Sand King, wish me luck!

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