The first gameplay footage of Dying Light's Be The Zombie mode

Dying Light screen 3

Stalk and hunt down other players as the Night Hunter zombie.

Developers Techland have released a small glimpse at the first gameplay footage for Dying Light's 'Be The Zombie' mode.

Whilst only short, the trailer at least shows off some new footage, and it has a lot in common with good 'ol Left 4 Dead.

Be The Zombie mode allows players to 'be the zombie' - ironic, no? They will be able to invade other players' games and hunt them down. Currently the mode is only available with pre-orders of the game.

The trailer below shows off gameplay from the 'Night Hunter' zombie's point of view, as he stalks and ambushes his prey.

Dying Light is due for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 27th January in the US and 30th January in Europe.

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