The Zombie Army Trilogy to be released early 2015

Zombie Army Trilogy screen 1

The Sniper Elite spin-off comes bundled together with a brand new third game in the series.

The Zombie Army games are coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in a remastered Zombie Army Trilogy bundle from Rebellion.

In a press release today it was announced that the games are to be released in "early 2015", and will be the first time PS4 and Xbox One players will get to experience the joys of shooting Nazi zombies.

The games will be available via PSN and Xbox Live - and of course Steam on PC. PC owners that have already bought the first and second games can buy the trilogy at a discount. A retail version is also said to be available.

A Sniper Elite spin-off, Zombie Army uses the signature killcam of the series as players survive against the undead. The new trilogy will also include a brand new horde mode.

Check out the first trailer for the trilogy below.

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