Salmond: Yes would have won if Alistair Darling had remained No leader

In an interview with the Press and Journal, Salmond has said that if Alistair Darling had remained in charge of the 'No' campaign, 'Yes' would have won.

The referendum on independence for Scotland was held in September last year - almost four months ago - which resulted in a vote to stay in the United Kingdom (55.3%-44.7%). Since then Alex Salmond MSP has resigned as First Minister, a position now held by Nicola Sturgeon MSP, the new SNP leader, and Johann Lamont MSP has stepped down from the Labour leadership role, a position now held by Jim Murphy MP.

Fallout from the referendum is still continuing, with Mr Salmond’s new remarks being the latest.

In the interview revealed on Thursday, Alex Salmond said that the unity between the three main Westminster parties against independence “didn’t look convincing at all”. He said that having Labour in bed with the Tories has “damaged the Labour party since the referendum”.

Recent opinion polls have suggested that Labour is set to lose out on many seats north of the border, due to the rise of the SNP, which have surged in the polls.

Salmond then went onto say:

“Alistair of course is a Labour politician, but in many ways in appearance he reminds you very much of a Tory politician... I think if Alistair had stayed the figurehead of the campaign then ‘Yes’ would have won and ‘No’ would have lost. I think a significant feature was the last few days of the campaign...and when the campaign was effectively hijacked or taken over by a new promise made and a new person to deliver the promise. And that was Gordon Brown.”

He later said:

“Gordon Brown had credibility that Alistair didn’t have.”

But of course, the ‘Better Together’ side won the referendum and Alex Salmond resigned, but he now intends to make a major come back by standing for Westminster, in the constituency of Gordon. His main opponent in May is Christine Jardine, the Lib Dem candidate. She hopes to replace the long time serving Sir Malcom Bruce.

Alex Salmond may have lost the referendum and resigned, but he is far from the silent fringes of Scottish - and British politics.

Part of the Press and Journal interview can be found and watched here.

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