Kickstarter: $89m pledged on games in 2014

Children Playing Video Games

The crowd-funding site Kickstarter has released its stats for 2014, with games of all kinds attracting more than $89m in funding.

Technology ($125m) and design ($96.7) projects earned the most.

Of the 22,252 projects successfully funded through the site last year, 1,980 were video, board and card games. There were 3,846 film and video projects, and over 4,000 music projects.

The most successful video game project of the year, attracting more than £1m in funding, was Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a single-player role-playing game from Warhorse Studios in Prague. More than 35,000 people backed the game, which follows a lowly blacksmith through war-torn medieval Europe. The title was out-performed only by a project to revive the US educational television series Reading Rainbow, and a drinks cooler.

Harmonix, creator of Guitar Hero and Rockband, was also able to kickstart a reboot of its classic rhythm action title Amplitude. The game attracted almost $850,000 and will be released on PlayStation 3 and 4 in the spring.

Traditional board and card games also faired well. With more than $2m in funding, the highest-placing project of the year was Caverns, a tile-based fantasy landscape system for tabletop gaming, created by Illinois company, Dwarven Forge. Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest, a dungeon adventure by Mantic Games in Nottingham, attracted more than $1m.

Successful card games for 2014 included Pairs, a fast-paced pub diversion from Cheapass, and Viceroy, a historical resource management game from Mayday Games.

The total dollar value of pledges in 2014 was $529m, up from $380m in 2013.

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