WWE Monday Night Raw Results 05th Jan 2015


Rating and reviewing the matches and segments from this weeks Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

So the first Monday Night Raw of the year has been and gone so what happened and most importantly how good was it?

Last week’s Raw saw John Cena reinstate The Authority, after Seth Rollins threatened to kill Edge in the ring so you can guarantee that this week will be strongly focused on their return.

Raw started with John Cena stood in the ring with almost the entire Raw roster; he explained that The Authority had asked them to gather so they could be addressed. Cena went on to apologise for bringing The Authority back, saying he had no choice. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon soon came out to gloat about their return. They quickly asked Seth Rollins to join them and, as a thank you for his actions the previous week, announced that he would be joining John Cena in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title match the Royal Rumble. This means that it will be Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins in a triple threat match.

Segment Rating 7/10

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Bad News Barrett (Intercontinental Championship Match)

We are happy to see the return of Bad News Barrett and it was pretty simple to see where this match was going, with the former champ returning after injury to face Ziggler, who had sided against The Authority at Summer Slam. The match started reasonably well but never really got going as Ziggler pinned Barrett with a cheap rollup. While Ziggler celebrated Barrett attacked him, throwing him around the outside of the ring, ramming his shoulder repeatedly into the steps, turnbuckles and barriers. Kane appeared to announce a new stipulation to the match; this would now be a 2 out of 3 falls match. Barrett went straight after the already destroyed Ziggler, hitting Wasteland and pinning him, making the match one pin each. Doctors then entered the ring while the ref tried to convince Ziggler to quit. He refused and went after Barrett but it was too late, he started to gain some momentum but Barrett kept punishing him. Ziggler almost had Barret near the end but Kane distracted him, allowing Barrett to hit his trademark Bullhammer Elbow and get the winning pin. Bad News Barrett is the new Intercontinental Champion.

Match Rating 8/10

The Ascension Vs. Local Talent

Anyone who has seen the rise of The Ascension on NXT will know that they could easily rival any tag team on the current WWE roster. It is with this knowledge that we look on this match with confusion, why team them up against some un-named “Local Talent”? Even more confusing was the script, they came to the ring and slagged off tag team legends The Demolition and The Road Warriors, ushering boo’s from the crowd. The match itself was short, very short. Just two moves were made before The Ascension hit Fall of Man to pin and pinned their unknown challengers. If WWE Creative really think that this is a good way to utilize one of the best tag teams to hit the scene in years then they are sadly mistaken. Would we like to see them feud with someone like Gold & Stardust, or see them destroy the goody two shoes Usos? Yes, yes we would.

Match Rating 6/10

Roman Reigns Vs. Big Show

This is an odd choice for feud, WWE obviously want to see Roman Reigns regain his momentum and push for the World Heavyweight Title but we aren’t sure Big Show is the right person to do this. This was a good match, with Big Show largely dominant throughout. A lot was made of Reigns’ previous injury as Big Show targeted his midriff with endless punches. The match ended quickly after Big Show lost his temper and hit Reigns with the steel steps, causing him to be disqualified. Big Show then continued his assault and rolled Reigns into the ring, followed by the steps. He was about to hit Reigns with them but he managed to counter with a Spear at the last minute.

Match Rating 6/10

Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella Vs. Natalya w/Paige

Once again we were shown how good Natalya can be when she’s allowed to unleash. The match started with her brutally attacking Nikki, who gave as good as she got, performing an impressive Head Scissors to break up Natalya’s assault. Once again this was a very short match as Paige attacked Brie on the outside of the ring. Nikki was distracted and Natalya got her with a cheap rollup. After the bell rang Nikki attacked Natalya from behind but her anger was short lived as Paige entered the ring and hit her with a Superkick.

Match Rating 7/10

Eric Rowan Vs. Luke Harper (J&J Security as guest referees)

This was a pretty stupid match, ruined by the inclusion of J&J Security. But we have to remember that this is entertainment so let’s roll with it. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan would make a great feud, two powerhouses who were once team mates is the ideal setup, or so you would think. WWE certainly wanted to churn through the matches tonight as this was yet another quick one. Eric Rowan dominated but J&J kept getting in the way, he managed to pin Harper but they refused to count. Eventually Rowan got annoyed and confronted them, allowing Harper to hit him with a huge Clothesline. This was followed by the quickest count ever to pin Rowan. Again this was followed by Rowan being attacked by Harper, Mercury and Noble.

Match Rating 6/10

Dean Ambrose Vs. Bray Wyatt (Ambulance Match)

Ambrose and Wyatt are becoming WWE’s go to guys when it comes to, what used to be called, Hardcore Matches. The embody the spirit of the Attitude Era perfectly and many are predicting that we may soon see the re-instatement of the Hardcore title, if this is the case you can guarantee that these two will be the first to hear about it. As always both wrestlers put their all into the match, which was typically high octane. Whilst not quite as destructive as it could have been this was still an enjoyable spectacle. Ambrose injured his knee early one, giving Wyatt a target to aim for. There were all the usual parts that we would expect, tables were broken, chairs were thrown and bodies flew. The standout moment had to be Ambrose jumping from the roof of the ambulance onto Wyatt, who was lying on a table at the time. Wyatt was quickly up however, hitting Ambrose with Sister Abigail against the ambulance door and rolling him into the back. Ambrose managed to fight back but was quickly hit with another Sister Abigail onto the concrete floor. Eventually a seemingly unconscious Ambrose was thrown into the back of the ambulance and shutting the door to win.

Match Rating 9/10

The Usos & Naomi Vs. The Miz, Damien Mizdow & Alicia Fox

Naomi is one of the most underrated female wrestlers on the WWE roster; she’s strong and athletic, packing some serious talent to match. Alicia Fox is another quality wrestler and this was proved at the start of the match. Naomi & Alicia going full force against each other was a joy to watch and was a reminder that these superstars are wasted on Total Divas. Miz was soon tagged in and the “We want Mizdow” chants started immediately. Miz obliged the crowd but tagged himself back in before Mizdow could perform one move. Jimmy Uso was about to wind up on Miz but Alicia got in his way, she was soon removed by a brutal Head Scissors by Naomi. Jimmy was still distracted however and Miz managed to win with a rollup.

Match Rating 8/10

Ryback Vs. Seth Rollins & Kane

This was supposed to be a one on one with Ryback and Rollins but Kane added himself to the match before the start. This was great match and testament to the skill and power of Ryback, who dominated throughout, despite being outnumbered. Eventually the numbers caught up with him though as he hit Shellshock on Kane. It was all over shortly after as Rollins hit him with a Curb Stomp, amazing not finishing him off but it was quickly followed up by another and the match was over.

Match Rating 9/10

Adam Rose vs. Big E

This was an OK match but was too short to really say much about. Big E was on top but the match ended after two of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds interfered, hitting Big E with a spear and then a two person move from the top rope. It was soon revealed that the two intruders were in fact Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

Match Rating 6/10

This week’s Raw ended with a Celebration of John Cena, hosted by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The two invited Cena to the ring and told him how much they appreciated his support. Triple H told him how much he respected him and how much he hoped they could be “closer” from now on. They then invited Ryback, Eric Rowan and Dolph Ziggler to the ring, saying they needed to be punished appropriately for fighting against them at Summer Slam. After a quick discussion they decide to fire them all. The episode ended with the fired superstars, left in the ring with Cena as a fanfare played, followed by ticker tape.

Segment Rating 7/10


So that’s it for this week’s roundup, what will happen to the fired superstars? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.


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