'Minecraft' was the second most searched term on YouTube in 2014


The game beat Movies, Frozen, and PewDiePie in the rankings.

According to Google, Minecraft the second most-searched term on Youtube, losing out on first place to Music.

The Think with Google post says that Minecraft, however, did beat 'Movies', 'Frozen', 'Eminem', 'PewDiePie', and that 'Happy' song everyone went nuts for in 2014.

"In 2014, the second-most searched topic on YouTube is actually a game: Minecraft," reads the article.

"What's more, it's not just the volume of views that is impressive. It's the level of engagement and time spent with gaming content that should make marketers do a double-take."

Google also revealed that 20 of the top 100 YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are gaming related. PewDiePie has the most subscribed YouTube channel, never mind gaming related YouTube channel, with over 32 million subscribers.

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