Jilted John: ex-groom takes to eBay to find companion for his honeymoon

Jordan Axani

A Leicestershire man is auctioning his ex-fiance’s honeymoon ticket to the Dominican Republic after being dumped over Christmas. It’s the latest episode in what may be developing into an uneasy new travel trend

Last year Canadian traveller Jordan Axani made news after offering a free round-the-world air ticket to a woman with the same name as his ex-girlfriend, after discovering he was unable to change the name on a booking.

Now another forlorn male is trying his luck at attracting a replacement travel companion after being left high and dry by his partner.

John Whitbread, 32, from Leicestershire, was jilted by his fiancee over the festive break, leaving him with a spare ticket for their £1,950 two-week honeymoon to the Dominican Republic.

After discovering he could only claim half the money back, jilted John (with the help of his best friend Craig Gibson who is filming the experience) decided to set up an eBay auction to find someone to join him.

The listing, which reads “For sale: A full package holiday (and me)”, has already reached £1,151 following 47 bids.

John describes himself as “not boring”, adding “I smoke, I drink and damm [sic] have I got some sharp moves on that dancefloor! I’ve got no criminal record although sometimes I should be locked away for my snoring.”

The listing also says only women should apply and that they should be an “athletic person” as John is “hoping to go diving and have the option to do sporty things”.

He adds: “Good looking wouldn’t go a miss.”

The whole sorry tale brings back similar feelings of unease from when we heard of Easynest, a website, launched in 2013, which invited strangers to share hotel rooms to save money. Needless to say, it didn’t take off.

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